St Stephen’s Roof Project

Thank you!

Thanks to you, your generous fund-raising, grant-raising and hard work, St Stephen’s Church roof is now water-tight. A complete new roof has replaced the old leaking one. A massive achievement and one which will keep St Stephen the Martyr a useable space for many years to come.

Phase 1 - is complete

We are once again taking bookings for weddings, baptisms, concerts and other community events.

Phase 2 - is now in progress

Phase Two includes an incline to the main door with automatic opening of a new glass door to allow easy accessibility to all. A hot and cold drinks counter at the back of the church with access to toilets from the building and the removal of some of the pews on the south side will contribute to a more open and welcoming area for all without spoiling the main central area for Sunday services and other community events.


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