We are a collection of Christian people from all Launceston Churches who feel called to act out God's love in the community. 

We show love on the streets on Launceston on Saturday nights helping care for people with a listening ear, water and flip flops for those in need. And of course there are the lollies.....

The Street Pastors work in unity with the Prayer Pastors who support us with prayer during the shift. We have seen the power of prayer in action here in Launceston.

If have a heart for people in need or feel called to learn more we would love to hear from you. 

Email:  launceston@streetpastors.org.uk or 01566 781429

Launceston Street and Prayer Pastors 

In addition to our regular services we have regular events including coffee mornings, memory friendly services and childrens' ministry. 

Our mothers union has regular events - all are invited to attend. 

We are active in the community with members volunteering in the Launceston Street pastors and foodbank. 

We also have seasonal events that run in support of the local community

see whats on for more details  


Launceston Refugee Support Group

This Parish supports the hard work and mission of the Launceston Refugee Support Group

They are a group of local people who are driven by the desperate plight of the refugees to take action to make a difference. 

Across Cornwall collections are regularly made to send clothes, food, and other necessary items to refugees in Europe who are homeless or in camps. Launceston people have already shown their readiness to help with these collections and to take an active role. 

Their aims are:

  • to build local networks, and contribute to the work being done to collect, sort and dispatch useful items to stranded refugees, especially those in Northern France.
  • to work towards welcoming 2 Syrian families to Launceston, as part of the government’s pledge to resettle some of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees in the UK.

Their current donation needs list is: 

  • Torches, AAA batteries, Sleeping Bags
  • Tarpaulin (minimum 2.5m x 2.5m)
  • Waterproofs, Hooded ponchos, Winter Jackets
  • Tents, Small Camping stoves & gas, Camping kettles Mobile phones-any state, Phone charging cables (Micro-USB for Android phones) Power banks,(external batteries for phones)
  • Rucksacks, Woolly Hats, Gloves, Scarves
  • Underpants, Socks ( Need to be new) Umbrellas.
  • Food items:
    • Nuts, Dried fruit, Dates, Sunflower seeds (salted in shells), Cereal bars Biscuits, Cake, Sugar, Tea, Sunflower oil, tinned fish.

All donations are welcomed in Room 6 upstairs at Central Methodist Church Hall Launceston between 10am until 12 mid-day each Tuesday morning

The next delivery of donations will be going to France at the end of February. Each delivery costs approx. £600, and If you would prefer to make a financial contribution towards the cost. Please contact Rob Butler on 07812 585002

Ever donation is greatly appreciated,

Trevor A Cook
Member of Management Committee