As well as the regular donations offered at any service we have signed up to be part of the Parish Giving Scheme.

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a centrally run, system that offers a simple way for people to make regular donations by direct debit to the parish.

How it Works

Gift Form

You can find these at the back of the churches or contact Rev Teresa Folland.

Complete the form including your bank details and send it to the Parish Giving Scheme at the  address below 

This information is treated as confidential. If you decide to remain anonymous only the amount of the gift will be shared with your Parish. We wish to encourage you to remain known to your parish so that they may thank you and avoid mistakenly approaching you in the future to consider a regular gift to your church.


Once your Gift form has been received by the PGS and processed you will receive a confirmation letter within 10 working days stating your personal details, the level and frequency of your gift, the parish you wish to restrict it to and the start date of your donation.

Unfortunately the PGS is unable to cancel a standing order for you, only you may do this. If you bank online it is very simple to do through your online account, otherwise you will need to contact your bank direct.

Gift Aid

If you become eligible to claim Gift Aid and have not signed the gift aid declaration on the gift form, please complete a Gift Aid declaration and email or post it to us.

Parish Giving Scheme
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